Hewwo there children!! Do you want to be my new students? I’m Magical Girl Miwacle Usami!!! I can teach you all about how wondewfull it is to hope!!



A talking bunny? I’m hearing things, right?

Ryouko went to write about the talking animal in her notebook, hoping she wouldn’t read it and think she was going crazy later on.

monomaniacalbear whispered: "Monomi" leaves a couple of belated easter eggs in your room? Approach them? Y/N

Ehhh? Easter eggs? Is it Easter? What day was Easter on again…

Ryouko gasps.

Did Matsuda-kun leave these!? Did he play Easter Bunny for me!? 




Huuuuuh??? What do you mean? Does your notebook talk with you? That’s a strange book then….

From what Makoto could analize from her words it seemed that she had bad memory or maybe ammnesia and she used her book to remember information.


I don’t remember meeting you maybe that book is wrong, why do you trust that book so much?

How would I know your name if I’ve never met you before…? I couldn’t possibly be making this up…

There was no way she could allow herself to lose trust in her own notebook. It was all she had, and if what was in it wasn’t true then…

I’m so confused…



Calm down, calm down! I’m not sure where this Matsuda of yours is, but no doubt he must be fine.

… In truth, he was lying. It was a good chance this Matsuda of hers was dead— but with the way this one was reacting, he didn’t exactly want to freak her out.

… What does he look like? I suppose I could offer my help in finding him. Do you have a place to stay?


Sudden worry caused her thoughts to scatter. She had to go and find Matsuda-kun- No! She had to stay put and keep herself safe! What was she saying!? Matsuda-kun was worth more than her own life…

Her ears perked up at the large boy’s offer to help her. Without missing a beat, she flipped through her notebook. There had to be something that could help them in there! 


I-I’m not sure how accurate this is, but it’s all I have…

Turning her book around, she showed him a doodle of Matsuda. As she stood there displaying her artwork, her confidence in the drawing started to fade. There was no way that could help. Even if it was accurate, it was just a drawing.

I…don’t think I have a place to stay.

(Source: memorynotebook)



Is that it? C’mon lady I could have guessed that myself……give more stuff to work with here. I’m getting bored now.

But what else is there to…Makoto Naegi Makoto Naegi…

Ryouko hurriedly flipped through the pages of her notebook, mumbling the boy’s name. Before being able to locate a blank page, something else caught her attention. Written right in the middle of a page was the name Makoto Naegi along with the details of their last encounter.

…? You said we’re just meeting, right? My notebook says that I’ve already met you!



Otonashi Ryouko, Otonashi Ryouko………….

Huh? It was weird. Makoto had that name in his brain but…….that was it, no more than that. Could his big sister have done this? Well… matter, time to start messing with her.


Hello Ryouko-san, my name is Makoto Naegi. I’m normally very well informed of people but I never heard of you…so tell me more about you.

Were people usually this forward upon meeting for the first time? “Hey how do you do, tell me about you!” It was a little intimidating. Never the less, Ryouko opened her notebook to the first page - the page with all of her basic information.

Uh, Nice to meet you Makoto…Naegi? I’m a student at Hope’s Peak Academy. 

…Really, what else was there to tell him? They were just meeting after all. She repeated the boys name in her mind so that it would be fresh in her memory until she found a blank page to write it down on.


memorynotebook started following you


Makoto was just hopping around when he felt someone was getting close.

This feeling it could only be……

He turned around.


Ah! Hello agai………Huh?!?


Who are you? I don’t think I have ever seen you before……



What a strange greeting.

Uh, I’m…Otonashi Ryouko, yeah, that’s it.



Oh-!! Uh! Hello everyone! Where did you all come from?

Ryouko’s index finger flipped to the first page of her notebook before she started to recite the information written down.

My name’s Ryouko Otonashi! I’m a student at Hopes Peak Academy! It’s nice to meet you all!